We're not fans of social media, but we used Facebook and Instagram for years.

We liked seeing posts from friends, and loved seeing updates from family. But we didn’t like the notifications, or the never-ending feeds, or how they made us feel.

We joined social media so we could stay in touch with people. In the end, we were scrolling for longer than we wanted to admit. Maybe you’ve felt the same.

Search Google for how to spend less time on social media, and you’ll get half a billion results. Spending too much time scrolling? Track your screen time. Attention hijacked by notifications? Turn them off.

These are decent starting points, to be clear. We tried them all and got a lot of time back. But they’re about mitigating social media as it currently is, with never ending feeds and attention sucking notifications.

We figure it's time to start talking about, and building, social media as it should be.

Not Facebook as it should be. Social media as it should be.

It's always tempting to look at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and think about what could be better. We know the feed is addictive, maybe people should work on how to make it less addictive?

This is an okay approach, but it’s simply taking away the things we think are harmful. It's better to start from a blank slate, and add the things we think are good.

When you start thinking like this, you're no longer thinking about how to make a feed less addictive. You start thinking about whether you actually need one at all.

Last year we started from that blank slate, and added the things we think are good; spending time away from feeds, thinking deeper about each day, and sharing what matters with the people who matter.

It turned into Sundayy, a social network designed to be used less, and to be used mindfully.

Daily reflections are there so we can think deeper about each day. Reflections are revealed only once a week to help us spend time away from feeds. It’s best used with a small amount of buddies, the people who matter to you.

Maybe there’s a better way to start out making something. But not for us.

We wanted to earnestly build something for people to be connected in better and healthier ways. So, we had to start with what we thought was good. The things we value, together. These are at the core of Sundayy.

There is all of us in Sundayy, and others see themselves in it, too. We’re brought together because we share the same values about what social media should be.

Right now social media is synonymous with ads, endless feeds, and privacy violations. We hope that one day, it won't be.